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Online Marketing & E-commerce Services that Connect & Convert

LYNX Interactive Marketing helps businesses get off the dime and into the money with strategic and tactical marketing programs that 1) connect you to your audience and 2) convert interactions into results. We plan and implement smart tactics in a systematic way to increase connections and boost sales.

LYNX Interactive Marketing is a Minneapolis firm that delivers results for small-to-medium organizations across many industries.

Online Marketing Matrix

The cornerstone of online marketing is your website, the aircraft carrier for your marketing armada. Most of our efforts will drive traffic, links, interactions and conversions to your site. We connect with your audience and drive them to your website and other connection points with ongoing search marketing, including search engine optimization and search advertising (PPC).  With a healthy opt-in list, e-mail marketing can provide conversions and ROI. And you cannot manage what you do not measure, so useful campaign analytics are essential to understanding success and improving tactics.

Mobility, apps, locality, social media and online reputation are important elements that can be leveraged to produce results. People are talking in new ways, and they are talking about you, your products, your industry, your competition, your future. LYNX Internet Marketing helps you listen and participates in smart ways.  We help you establish beachheads, engage with connections, and flourish in these new frontiers.

LYNX Online Marketing Matrix

We concentrate on developing strategies that align business goals with market realities. We’re pragmatic, and focus our efforts on what will produce results. That means turning goals into plans, and plans into action:

Internet marketing is a process, not a product.

LYNX can help you leverage the amazing opportunities that online marketing mechanisms are affording to every type of organization. But we need to get started because every day, every interaction, every connection and every conversion counts.

How do you get started? First, let’s meet to discuss what you want to accomplish. We’ll cut to the chase quickly and propose a plan of action to get your business online in a serious and thoughtful manner. Then we’ll make stuff happen. Next we’ll see what’s working, what’s not, and adjust. Finally we’ll toast a mutually successful partnership.

Sound good? There is much to be done, so contact LYNX Interactive Marketing now.